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Finca Quetanquira, Honduras

TASTING NOTES: Spices, chocolate and sweet berries with notes of rich dark chocolate and blackberries and floral finish.

Finca Quetanquira is located at the foot of the natural reserve MISOCO MOUNTAIN in the Department of Francisco Morazán (Honduras Central Zone) at an altitude of 1200-1450 meters above the sea level, grown under control shade with reforestation program of timber like: Mahogany, Cedar, Black Laurel, Granadillo and Walnut, among others.
The harvest season begins the last week of December and ending around the end of May. The harvest is done by picking the coffee cherry at the optimum ripeness stage and is processed on a period no longer than six hours after the picking.

Assefa Estate, Keffaa, Ethiopia

TASTING NOTES: Berry preserves, vanilla malt, and clove.

Assefa takes very seriously his responsibility and commitment to his employees. That is easily evident in the communities where he works and in his own coffee estate, spanning 100+ hectares. The health and joy that spring from the people in his community are largely benefits from Assefa’s direct investment in their lives, whether through micro finance opportunities for creative and entrepreneurial folks or by simply ensuring high standards of cleanliness in the workplace. It may seem insignificant, but think about the impact on one’s morale to be working in dirty, disorganized or unsafe environments. Every bit of the workplace is kept clean and organized, fostering an atmosphere of quality which absolutely reflects in the cup.  

When we were visiting Assefa and his community this sourcing season, Ethiopia was suffering a severe cash shortage. It is difficult for us to imagine what that is like, to have money in the bank, but to be unable to withdraw or spend any of it, due to a shortage of physical paper currency. Assefa, being well known and respected in communities throughout Ethiopia for his integrity and commitment to his people, was able to call on some friends from other coffee mills and borrow the necessary cash so that he could pay the people that labor at his farm and mill. This fundamental valuing of human dignity is exemplary. It is what we strive for in our own pursuits. This also demonstrates the dire need to contractually commit to coffees in Ethiopia, since foreign currency is vital to the economic well being of Ethiopia. We are utmost happy to be working with Assefa and his wonderful community.

These is an extremely special preparation lots. The harvesting protocols were detailed and the ripe cherries were still placed in a floating tank, in order to ensure quality. Once floaters were removed, the cherries were placed on slotted, raised drying beds and manually rotated for even drying, which took place over 12-16 days on average. 


Meet the Roaster

Q: How did you get involved in the coffee business?

Over 5 years ago I moved into Indiana and got connected with a local Roaster in need of investment, I developed a business/investment plan and we got money to push them forward. On top of that all my connections with coffee growers helped us to get direct trade coffee to start the process as well!

Q: Can you explain your mission a bit?

We exist to create a difference in the specialty coffee market, we buy 80% of our coffees direct from the farmers, I literally travel to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador to get back in touch with farmers I used to work as a fertilizer advisor while I lived in Honduras. This helps us to help farmers to guaranty average $3.50/lbs on their green beans and we cover all the extra expenses.

Bringing the best coffees, roasting them daily to perfections and telling the story of the farmer with each coffee is part of our obsession with quality and quantity!

We strive to create trust and loyalty from our costumers not just because the coffee is amazing, the story of each farmer is real and traceable but also cause we give back to a orphanage in Honduras called Micah Project.

Q: Is there a story behind the name?

Yes actually it started as something I wanted to have dear to my heart and I look up to my grandpa, his name was Theodore! But also it doesn’t stops there Theodore also means a gift from God, and literally it has been like that!

Also last but not less while we were expecting a baby one of our wishes was if the baby was a boy his name would be Theodore! Hahaha funny we had a little beautiful girl and her name is Matilda instead!

Q: What would you say distinguishes your coffee?

There are many very awesome Roasters I look up to and that we share experience and their feedbacks in our roast are always very awesome! We strive to get amazing coffees we love working with people like CaralystCoffee, Dominion Trading and our own imports to bring gems that people are going to love! We price our coffees in a good range where once you buy it you get hook not just cause is amazing but also cause you understand you are paying for the best coffee possible and at a affordable price

Q: How do you decide which beans to source next?

Our own imports we receive samples in Honduras and US to cup them we negotiate with the farmers

From our Ethiopians we have an amazing relationship with CatalystCoffee and they send us samples, other coffees we look for who is doing good stuff, and how we can partner up with them, we understand Direct Trade is only between thenroaster and the grower and none in the middle sonwe do as much as we can in that way and the rest whichbyou will see little to none in our site we get via other importers

Q: Can you share some stories about the farmers you work with, and the families that are impacted by your mission? – Or the specific missions you give back to?

Lucia Portillo! Is a older lady that has oven her life to grow amazing coffee, I met her over 8 years ago and tasted her coffee and I was blown away! I promised her that if I ever got a chance to change her income I would! Well she used to sell her coffees for $0.50/lbs to a local trader and since 4 years ago we buy 100% of her crop at $3.85 with this in a country like Honduran you can understand she can have a better life, send her grandkids to school and keep focusing in quality! In Honduras you can live with $1.00 a day, with this she can provide enough for her and grandkids to have a better life and we agree is good!

We donate $1.00 per 12oz bag of coffee sold to The Micah Project, (www.themicahproject.org) a orphanage in Honduras that provides food, shelter, education and more to street kids in Tegucigalpa, I proudly graduated from the program and have a personal connection to them

Q: What do you like best about your line of work?

Right now we love roasting coffee, educating people about coffee and creating a path in third wave coffee, our passion is there enjoying and s bring other with amazing coffees

Q: Something people might be surprised to learn about you or your business?

Mmmmm because where we are located I always see people amazed when I tell them I used to be the sales manager for the bigger produce grower in the world, out of Brazil and traveled the world doing business.

I am Honduran. I couldn’t drink coffee for years due a illness For our size we have about 30 different coffees.

Q: What’s next for Theodore’s?

We have been in a growing status and we keep growing, we keep receiving people and places asking us to get them coffee, my goal is to grow and move into a commercial space, hired more people, buy and sell lots of delicious coffee and travel the world looking for more connections

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