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Rothrock Coffee is a Wholesale roaster and Cafe located in State College, Pennsylvania. Our name was inspired after countless caffeine fueled bike rides in the mountains of Rothrock State Forest. Whether it’s mountain, road, dirt or ramps, we love to ride after a great cup of coffee.

Our goal is to share this passion with you. We source, roast, cup, test, brew, and create the best coffee possible with the hopes that it will inspire adventures of your own.

Roasts Used:

thickhead Blend

Named after the area with in Rothrock State Forest, Thickhead Blend is a fresh and fruitful blend. Full bodied coffee with vibrant sweetness and a pleasant acidity. This coffee was originally designed for our cold brew service in the cafe, but we enjoyed it so much while cupping it that we decided to share it with everyone! Try it hot, or cold brew it up.

Singlespeed blend

Rothrock Coffee’s Singlespeed is perfectly blended to be the base of all things great! Whether a straight up double shot or paired with milks in your favorite Cappuccino, Latte or Cortado, it brings out its sweetness with bright beginnings, to a caramel and cocoa finish.

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Q: How did you get involved in the coffee business?

Being professional cyclist, we have been traveling the world for sometime now seeking out great coffee! From there, we wanted to bring something greater to State College, PA and that is how Rothrock Coffee first began.

Q: Can you explain your mission a bit?

Our mission is to continue the growth of great coffee. We wanted to bring better coffee to our area as well as educate and treat our customers to an even better coffee experience. We also roast coffee for local and non-local wholesale partners.

Q: Is there a story behind the name?

The name Rothrock actually comes from the local State Forest that we sit at the base of. It has great hiking, camping, and some of the best mountain biking around Central Pennsylvania. All of our blended coffee names are also trails with in the forest that we enjoy to mountain bike, and hike!

Q: What would you say distinguishes your coffee? 

What distinguishes our coffee is our branding and the way we are able to manipulate the coffees we bring from origin in our roasting process. We tend to lean toward the light and medium roasts to keep the coffees molecular structure intact. We do this to showcase the coffees natural beauty in flavors.

Q: How do you decide which beans to source next?

A huge part of what beans we choose to source depends a lot on the coffee calendar. We keep all of our coffees very fresh and rotate with the seasons that coffee is being harvested. Than, we cup and test tons of new coffee offerings and choose carefully what we think fits best.

Q: Can you share some stories about the farmers you work with, and the families that are impacted by your mission? – Or the specific missions you give back to?

We work with a farmer in El Salvador who runs a great farm. Her name is Anny and he recently was just married to one of our good friends Jeff that we have worked with in coffee for a couple years now. Congrats you two! We plan on working with them for as long as possible and are excited for everyone to try their coffee!

Q: What do you like best about your line of work?

I enjoy the passion for coffee from the farmers, to the importers, to the roaster, and to the consumer that supports better coffee. I also enjoy the friendship that my team and I have created in bringing in all these coffees to our community. I enjoy so much about this line of work that I could write on and on about it!

Q: Something people might be surprised to learn about you or your business?

Rothrock isn’t just a random name picked out of a hat. The name Rothrock actually comes from the local State Forest in Centre County Pennsylvania. It is home to all things hiking, biking, and outdoors. It also is a community to us. Local activities and support. Rothrock is home.

Q: What’s next for Rothrock?

We have been really pushing our wholesale coffee program. We are now available in cafes all over Pennsylvania and starting to work with cafes in Ohio. We plan to continue our wholesale partnerships to more cafes and businesses. Maybe soon you will see Rothrock Coffee at your local shop soon!

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