New Espresso Drinks to Try at Your Favorite Coffee Shop


Mothership Coffee: Las Vegas, NV

Lavender is well known for its soothing abilities for anxiety and overall stress. So what better herb to blend with a caffeine-laced latte? This delicious blend combines the powerful energy boost from coffee with soothing lavender for a combo that effectively eliminates fatigue without unnecessary caffeine jitters or anxiousness. For an extra anti-inflammatory boost, try substituting coconut milk for the regular milk.


Besides espresso coffee, cappuccino is one of the most popular beverages in the USA. It is made from espresso and frothed milk.

The main characteristic of cappuccino coffee is lovely, airy foam on top of it. Although you can notice the strength of espresso in this drink, it’s still much softer. But, what really makes this drink so special is that luxury and enjoyable foam.


Asado Coffee Roasters: Chicago, IL

When you add a little hot milk over freshly brewed espresso you will get cortado coffee. Cortado has the strength of espresso coffee but it has less acidic taste.

The milk is added exactly for this reason. Most people can’t really taste the difference between cortado and a macchiato. There is a small difference in milk ratios and ways of serving, but in fact these are two very similar coffee drinks.


If you ever wondered why people are struggling with those tiny cups and what’s inside of them, here is the answer: it’s coffee ristretto.

Ristretto is the purest espresso drink. This beverage is made from short, single shot espresso. If you order ristretto coffee, you will have the opportunity to feel a complete taste, aroma and fullness of each coffee bean.

The reason is that it is brewed in very short time with the smallest amount of water. Don’t forget to drink it with a glass of water since it is very strong.


Flux Coffee: Farmingdale, NY

Well, here is one true delicacy. Although it is not a very happy choice in the morning, it is perfect for some other occasions.

Affogato is in fact ice cream with coffee. It is made from one scoop of vanilla ice cream and espresso coffee poured over it. It is a perfect choice if you like your sweets in liquid condition.


This popular beverage is not very different from its original. Macchiato is prepared from espresso with just a little milk on the top. This milk usually looks like stain, and it is the reason why this coffee is called macchiato in the first place (macchiato means stain or spot in Italian). If you love a strong cup of coffee, besides classic espresso and ristretto, this drink is a good choice.

Depending on the coffee shop, your macchiato can be served differently – with a milk stain on top of it or milk in the form of foam. Either way, you’ll get a quality cup of waking coffee.


Stefari Cafe: Kankakee, IL

Coffee breve is also one of the coffee latte variations. The main difference is that, instead of steamed milk, we use a mixture or milk and cream. This mixture is called half-and-half because it uses the 50:50 proportion of milk and cream. Different from cortado, breve is a little more unique.


What makes Americano so popular is that it is a good replacement for classic drip coffee. The Americano preparation method is simple.

One shot of espresso is brewed and hot water is poured over it. You can also order a two shot americano, if you like your coffee strong. Because of the large amount of water (5 to 6oz) Americano’s taste is much similar to American drip coffee than to espresso. If you love large coffee with many sips, it’s a good choice.

You can also get an iced Americano, which we recommend.


Hammerhand Coffee: Liberty, MO (@rayandcoffee)

Flat white is prepared from a single or double shot of espresso with little more steamed milk on top of it. It has nice texture and it is pretty tasty, so it can be a good replacement for latte coffee.


Red eye coffee is made when espresso is poured into the regular drip coffee. It’s name is literally what will happen to you after drinking. Every shop will make it differently, but it’s basically a really strong wake-me-up-juice.

Try it hot or iced!


Mothership – Dark Matter Coffee: Chicago, IL

This particular latte was cinnamon, clove, coconut, black pepper, ginger, nutmeg, curry! I had another latte from Dark Matter that was chocolate, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, agave. Then another with maple syrup, sage, black pepper. These are not typical lattes that you will find in most shops, but each shop will typically have it’s own speciality choice of latte, or a special house cup that you don’t want to miss! Make sure the ask the barista!

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