Killer Roasting Co.


Brews Used:


TASTING // Chocolate covered blueberries, lemon and toasted hazelnuts
REGION // Central Valley
VARIETAL // Piedra Alta
PROCESS // Natural
ELEV // 1200m


TASTING // Smooth w/ notes of caramel, jasmine and nectarine
REGION // La Paz
VARIETAL // Bourbon
PROCESS // Washed
ELEV // 1200-1600m

Get to know the roasters:

Is there a meaning behind your name, business, and/or mission? 

Growing up, Sean’s grandpa was the tree trunk of the family. He was a craftsman, an excellent pool player, and had an infectious smile. Rarely was he seen without a cowboy hat on his head and a cigarette in his mouth. The one thing Sean remembers most about his grandpa was that he was incredibly selfless. He would give you the shirt off his back and the last dollar in his pocket.

What started as a joke on the set of the 1977 film, “Slap Shot,” led to his iconic nickname. “What are you trying to do? Kill me? Hey Killer, grab me another beer,” Paul Newman (yes that Paul Newman) said to Sean’s grandpa after taking a bite of his extra-spicy homemade pizza. That night not only a name but a persona was born. From then on he was known by the names Dad, Grandpa, or Killer. Killer was a craftsman. He believed in quality work and had a keen eye for details. Whether he was painting a set, playing a game of pool, or barbecuing a steak, his focus was on skill and technique. Killer represented hard work, love for friends and family and had a don’t-give-a-shit attitude.

How did you get involved in the coffee business? 

For several years Sean and I had talked about starting a business together. Our goal was to meld our individual creative worlds with a product that we both love and respect. That product is coffee. Inspired by the same values as Killer, we named our business in his honor. We believe in craftsmanship and hard work. We thrive when it comes to the details, just like Sean’s grandpa did. Roasting coffee allows us to explore creativity in new ways and our brand is a true collaboration of our individual design backgrounds.

What type of beans do you primarily roast?

Since our focus is in small batch single origins, our current offerings change over time. Our hope in doing so is to bring attention to the amazing variety of different and flavorful coffees that exist from country to country and farm to farm. We focus on light to medium roasts to maintain the unique characteristics and flavor profiles from each origin. We select coffees from around the world and select the ones that truly inspire and stand out to us from the rest. We want each coffee on our menu to be unique and give the customer a new experience. We hope to open people’s eyes to the boundless variety that exists.

Where do you receive your beans from? 

Currently we source our beans through various distributors. However, we are in the talks with a farm in Nicaragua and another in Burundi regarding building direct trade relationships with each of them. We also plan to begin traveling in the next year to source new direct relationships with other farms as well.

Do you have a physical shop location? Or involved in your community in other ways? 

We don’t currently have a storefront. We sell our coffee online on our site, at events and pop-ups and at our wholesale accounts. We also just had a cart made by Barista Capsule and plan to take off doing more and more pop-ups and events. We are hosting a pop-up maker’s market in December as well which leads me to our collaborative side:

Sean and I are designers by trade. We both went to Art Center College of Design and graduated with degrees in Environmental Design and Illustration (respectively). Coming from creative backgrounds, it is important for us to pursue finding ways to meld the creative and coffee worlds. We are continually exploring ideas and possibilities for Killer Roasting Co. A big part of our company (which we are launching in the next few weekds) is our Killer Collab program. The goal of Killer Collab is to connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals and businesses, showcasing their talents, establishing genuine relationships with the creative community and in turn, offering unique and one-of-a-kind products through our brand. Our first Collab is with the Illustrator Libby Preiss who created a limited edition silkscreen print for us. The second, now in the works is with a Portland based ceramicist creating a unique coffee-related product. The options are limitless and we cannot wait to see the possibilities that will come from this adventure.

What’s next for Killer Roasting Co.? 

Our goal down the line after being in the public with events and pop-ups would be to open our own space. That space would not be a traditional cafe necessarily, or at least not just that. We want a space that we can have events out of and where people can come to taste our coffees. Think tasting room meets retail shop (with our collab projects) and event space for pop-ups etc.

A little about the roasters themselves: 

In a nutshell, we love coffee. We love that coffee allows us to explore new places, expand on our creativity and knowledge, and connect with people around the world. Take a journey with us and drink good coffee.

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