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Roasts Used

Ethiopia – Allona

This High elevation coffee comes from the prideful growers of the Mormora farm in the Guji Highlands. It is comprised of heirloom varietals including the Wolicho and Kurume cherry. This cooperatively grown coffee has beautiful, crisp acidity and a coconut-like finish.
The allona Natural is also featured prominently in our Leviathan blend, offering some deep tropical fruit notes that transition into coconut and malt flavors. Allona is named for the area that the farmers bring their freshly picked cherry to for processing. 
Tasting Notes: Pineapple, Honey Dew, Cacao
Altitude: 1900-2026 M
Variety: Heirloom
Process: Natural


The Narwhal is created with two incredible micro lots, and is always changing to ensure consistency throughout the year.  Currently it contains our Guatemala Codech, and our Sumatra Ika Red Cherry.  This coffee is extremely sweet, very balanced, and has a nice silky body. Grown Between 1000-2200 meters and bursting with notes of bakers chocolate, cherry, nougat, and heavy cream. Whether you like it black or with a little cream or sugar, this blend is sure to be what you are looking for!

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Cherry, Nougat
Altitude: 1000-2200 M
Variety: N/A
Process: Washed, Semi-Washed

Meet the Roasters

Q: How did you get involved in the coffee business?

Anchorhead Coffeee, like most great ventures began in a garage. Mike and Jake were touring audio engineers who found that a permanent life on the road didn’t suit them well, but did enjoy all of the great coffee and cafes around the country and world so decided to start bottling cold brew. From that original idea sprung two retail cafes, an ever increasing wholesale business, and the ability to buy coffees they love.

Q: Can you explain your mission a bit?

We look for the best coffees we can find and hope to promote the best quality of life for everyone involved in the process. We are always captivated by coffee growers trying new things or really excelling at a certain type of processing and look to feature those farms and tell their story.

Q: Is there a story behind the name?

Not really, just a form of imagery to define our aesthetic and roots in the PNW.

Q: What would you say distinguishes your coffee?

When you taste our coffee, you are tasting the character of that coffee’s origin. We do not apply additional roast to coffee to interrupt that experience. The roasting is used as a medium to most clearly express the coffee’s inherent flavor

Q: How do you decide which beans to source next?

This is based on seasonality mostly and we have various trading partners and folks on the ground all over the world sending pre-shipment samples of exciting new coffees. We often travel to origin as well to gauge the quality of harvest ourselves.

Q: Can you share some stories about the farmers you work with, and the families that are impacted by your mission? – Or the specific missions you give back to?

One such project comes to mind as a great example of the work we try to involve ourselves in. This is by no means a charity or philanthropic project but our Ethiopian Coffees come from a very special cooperative of small holders centered around a washing station in their village. We purchase a substantial amount of coffee from this group and they were quite thankful for our last import. They’re now working directly with us on trying new and interesting processing styles to best suit our needs and with the resources gained from each harvest are able to put back into their cooperative to increase the cup quality which in the long run nets them even better prices from future roasters who hear of this group. Anchorhead was one of the very first to create an importing relationship with this co-op and no doubt establishing this connection and bringing their coffee to the US will benefit them in many ways. We love purchasing small lots of coffee from farms willing to try new practices to better the coffee. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Q: What do you like best about your line of work?

We love helping people in our company find new ways to grow and honestly the enjoyment of drinking these coffees everyday is such a great and important part of why we do it.

Q: Something people might be surprised to learn about you or your business?

We’re also a bakery! We make all of the baked goods for our cafes and bake fresh pastries for our customers every day.

Q: What’s next for Anchor Head?

We are looking into a few more cafe opportunities around the country 🙂 revamping our merch offerings (always) and coming up with fun new coffee drinks for our spring coffee menu.

Want this roaster at your front door?! Subscribe today using the code ANCHOR.ME for 15% off any subscription! 

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