There is a true passion to be found in the art of coffee, and that is what we want to bring to you. Every month we work to partner with new roasters and shops from around the country that you may otherwise never experience! We partner with roasters who work directly with farmers to ensure that we are not only bringing you the very best coffee, but that the farmers and their families are taken care of, properly compensated, and celebrated like the rockstars that they are.

What’s even better? The coffee you order will arrive within days of being roasted! Our goal is to bring you the very best coffee, so that you’ll never have to worry about the freshness of the typical store-bought coffee again! So subscribe today and begin your journey of experiencing some of the best coffee our world has to offer!

We also want to take that one step further. Coffeeism is a lifestyle. It’s the way you enjoy your coffee every morning – whether at home, your favorite shop, or at your office desk. It’s the community you build over a cup. The story behind each brew and each sip. And, of course, it’s the need you have for it.

So, whether you subscribe to one of our boxes, purchase a curated item from the shop, or just share your coffee lifestyle with #mycoffeeism, we hope you’ll help spread the Coffeeism story. 

Still have more questions? Email us, or check out our FAQ!

Meet the Team


Oh, she knows coffee. In her coffee continuing education courses (self-taught), the only thing she hasn’t learned is how to raise her own coffee plant. Most of her dreams have to do with community, which is one reason why she loves that coffee is a people-gatherer. She also has big chunks in her heart dedicated to words, photos, and seeking out all things lovely.

How does she like her coffee best? Quickly, seriously, hot and fresh with a cozy sweater and a good book.



He’s definitely the nerd of the group, but that’s cool because he handles all the fine details while the rest of us throw confetti around. He’s got a great eye and mind for entrepreneurial work and community building, and secretly thinks he is Batman (don’t try to tell him otherwise). He’s also got a pretty amazing wife and a cute little dog named Bruce.

How does he like his coffee best? However you hand it to him, preferably with a lot of cream.


Making it to the afternoon is a good excuse for coffee, right? Josh and his wife take a coffee break every day between two and three o’clock — which signifies the second of his three daily cups. In addition to consuming coffee, Josh is the president/founder of LinkPoint Media and the father of three daughters. He has a big heart for small businesses, ministries, and nonprofits.

How does he like his coffee best? Black. With dark chocolate on the side and a chilly breeze out the window.


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